Dual Vocational Education and Training in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Comparative Expert Study

ibw report, Wien, 2016
Bliem W., Petanovitsch A., Schmid K.

For several years, dual vocational education and training (dual VET) has attracted major international interest. Thanks to practice-oriented programmes which are relevant for the labour market, young people who have graduated from dual systems succeed particularly well in entering the world of work. Dual VET is therefore regarded as a major reason for the low youth unemployment rate in these countries.

Where other countries want to benefit from the success factors of dual systems, it is important to obtain information about these systems and learn from them. This study aims to present the core elements of the dual systems of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland, describe the things they have in common and their differences, and refer to important reference documents. This study aims to serve as a source of information and basis for discussions for institutions and people that plan and implement VET projects and programmes to find out which of these elements can be implemented in what form in other contexts.