Fostering WBL in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EU-Projekt, 2018
Schmid K.

Initial vocational education in Bosnia and Herzegovina takes place exclusively in a school environment – at various vocational schools. Students do have the possibility to try practical training at companies and/or school workshops and acquire skills. However, when it comes to the scope, depth and quality, these options – and in particular work-based learning – are frequently marginal
and insufficient to achieve meaningful learning outcomes.

To foster WBL in B&H, a company survey was conducted and a WBL-manual compiled:

Manual for the Implementation of Various Formats of Work-Based Learning
The purpose of the Manual is to improve and promote work-based learning. It therefore contains the basic formats of work-based learning applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the advantages of every format for schools and business companies are also mentioned. It therefore contains important issues for the course of planning and implementation of various formats of work-based learning, important legal issues and examples of best practices.

Ibw conducted its work in the framework of the project Prilika Plus, supported by the Swiss Government, in cooperation with the partner organisation KulturKontakt Austria.


Kontakt/Contact: Kurt Schmid

Projektzeitraum/Project duration: 2017 - 2018

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