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  • ibw-forschungsbericht_c177_en

    Success factors for the Dual VET System

    Possibilities for Know-how-transfer

    ibw-Forschungsbericht Nr. 177, Wien, 2014
    Bliem W., Schmid K., Petanovitsch A.

    Due to high youth unemployment, dual VET is moving into the focus of interest in many countries and is a priority topic of the EU agenda. But it does not appear to be too promising to pursue the strategy of copying existing systems such as those of Austria, Germany or Switzerland. Education systems, institutional framework conditions and traditions in the possible target countries differ too much.

    Therefore WIFI International commissioned this study as part of a cross-border cooperation between Austria and Slovakia, which was conducted as part of the SmartNet project. Based on established apprenticeship training systems it was attempted to identify factors that appear to be vital for the success of a dual VET system. This forms the basis for analysing how the framework conditions and bases for these success factors can be created in Slovakia and other possible target countries. Consequently the study forms a research-based starting point for discussions on related know-how transfer processes.

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