DI Johanna Bachmair, MLS

Johanna Bachmair
T: +43 1 545 16 71-44

since 2015 at ibw

Educational background, career

  • Study of Biomedical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology
  • Study of Mechanical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology
  • Interdisciplinary research projects in the areas of medicine and laser technology

Activity focuses

  • Designing and redesigning of apprenticeships
  • Development of competence-oriented occupational profiles
  • International projects, transfer of know-how
  • Quality assurance in apprenticeship training:
    • Clearing office for the apprenticeship-leave examination
    • Coordination of the creation of apprenticeship-leave examinations throughout Austria 
    • Development of apprenticeship-leave examinations, training and examination materials, examiner and training guidelines