• The new engineer

    The ibw has been instrumental in assisting the Ministry of Economy in the preparation of the new engineering qualification, which is assigned to level 6 of the NQF. In addition, it supported the implementation of the certification process at the engineering certification bodies of WKO.

  • NEW: ibw infographics

    With our new infographics, we offer information on current education issues at a glance. The first three infographics shed some light on the apprenticeship companies and new apprentices as well as the success of the apprenticeship in Austria.

  • Best practice examples of Austrian companies didactically prepared

    • Nachhaltig wirtschaften – Wie macht das die Druckerei gugler* GmbH?
    • Österreichische Startups go international – „Parkbob“, „Studo“ und „Hokify“ zeigen, wie es geht.
  • Summer in the City – eine Stadt voller Berufe

    The variety of professions shows our Hidden Object
    (including brochure + solutions)