Dual vocational education and training (apprenticeship)

With our studies related to dual VET we supply points of reference for a modern design process for dual VET. For this purpose we develop concepts, draw up analyses and prepare the bases for decision-makers on educational policies.

Our areas of expertise:

  • general data and trend analyses
  • evaluation of apprenticeship occupations, funding instruments, etc. 
  • analyses and concepts related to the further development of the apprenticeship training system
  • International comparative studies
  • ibw-bildung_und_wirtschaft_c7

    Lehrlingsausbildung im Überblick 1999

    Ausbildung nach Sektionen und Bundesländern, demographische Entwicklung und Beschäftigung

    ibw-Bildung & Wirtschaft Nr. 7, Wien, 1999
    Schneeberger A., Kastenhuber B., Nowak S.

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